Who we are

Novacom is a leading Construction Manager headquartered in Vancouver and working throughout Western Canada. Our company has been built on a foundation of relationships and partnerships with clients, employees, consultants, suppliers, and trade partners. To us, every relationship is a personal one, and will continue with both the company and individual no matter where they go. The construction industry is changing, and the way forward is going to be more partnership focused that it has ever been in the past.

Careers at Novacom

Our growing business is creating new opportunities for our greatest strength — people. We're doing construction differently, and we're thinking outside the box about how we can improve our company and our industry. If you're looking for a company with a family dynamic where you can have opportunities to grow, be challenged and known by your co-workers, then come join us!


Novacom has provided both general contracting and construction management services under a variety of different delivery models. Some examples of these are noted below.

* Competitive Bidding
* Tendered Projects
* Construction Management Proposals
* Project Budgeting
* Turnkey Projects
* Service Work
* Small Projects 

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